We don't sell. We advise.

My name is Scott Witt.

Portrait of Scott Witt I help high-net-worth individuals with $100,000 or more invested in (or soon-to-be invested in) cash value life insurance or annuities to maximize the value of their policies.

I am a credentialed actuary and a consumer advocate (not an insurance agent).

High-net-worth individuals and their advisors hire me to help determine:

  • Which policies to keep, replace, modify, sell, or surrender
  • If insurance that is no longer needed should be continued, and in what capacity
  • How to avoid common problems through proper policy design and policy management
  • How to maximize long-term policy value (instead of agent commissions)
  • What to do with a policy with substantial embedded gains or losses
  • How to best utilize the cash value of a life insurance policy to help navigate retirement
  • What is the true cost of borrowing from a life insurance policy

You will:

You will not:

Get unbiased advice from an actuary whose goal is to maximize long-term consumer value   

Get conflicted recommendations from salesperson whose goal is to maximize commission


Get recommendations based on fact and logic

Get sales pitches

Get advice that only takes your interests into account

Get advice that takes the agent, agent's carrier, or insurance company's interest into account

Be clearly, fairly, and logically communicated with Have information withheld or provided in an unclear, biased manner