Our Clients

Witt Actuarial Services works with a national clientele, including financial planners, estate planning attorneys, trustees, accountants, banks, philanthropic organizations, and affluent individuals. Our clients recognize the tremendous value derived from working with a fee-only life insurance advisor.

“Scott’s recommendation saved me hundreds of thousands of dollars. His input was economically invaluable. The fee-only approach is the only one I will use going forward. There was so much legalese and nuance in some of the insurance proposals I received that even with my 40-year banking career, I couldn’t understand them. Scott analyzed options, provided feedback on companies and offered good advice on policy options and details that no one else in the insurance industry had ever provided. The policy performance of the policy we ultimately purchased was significantly improved because of Scott’s advice.”
- E. David Locke, Bank CEO

"Anyone who is considering the purchase of life insurance would be well advised to consult with a fee-only insurance adviser. In fact, I would go so far as to state that it is irresponsible not to do so. Most of us are no match for the insurance salespeople whose interests are in direct conflict with ours. Scott Witt is knowledgeable, extremely competent and very fair. He is also a fiduciary in his dealings with me and that is very important.”
- Dan Solin, Author, The Smartest Investment Book You'll Ever Read , The Smartest 401(k) Book You'll Ever Read, and The Smartest Retirement Book You'll Ever Read.

“As trustees, we are required by law to have an investment process. But there are very few people who can craft investment policies for insurance trusts. Our bank needed someone with the professional expertise and who had absolutely no conflict of interest to help us. Scott was able to look at our trusts, understand what we’re trying to accomplish, establish objectives, and identify those insurance policies that met those objectives. When he makes recommendations or suggestions, he shows our clients the cost savings. For smaller or mid-sized banks, Scott’s a perfect solution.”
- Bernie Fiedler, President - Wealth Management Services, Waukesha State Bank

“Since life insurance is a long-term investment and requires substantial premium commitment every year, I decided to understand the product better and ask for advice from an expert who can give me independent opinions not biased by the commission. Scott Witt provided me valuable information and advice about the insurance product so that I can make the best decision for my family. I am very happy I asked for Scott's advice before I made the purchase because he saved me a lot of money.”
- Yuxiang Lei, NJ