Scope of service depends on your needs and the nature of the engagement.

How can I help?

Scope of service depends on your needs and the nature of the engagement.

If you have $100,000 or more invested in (or soon-to-be invested in) cash value life insurance or annuities, here is how I can help you get the highest possible value out of your insurance policies:

Optimizing existing permanent life insurance policies

Evaluations consider insured’s health and cash flow considerations, client objectives, and opportunity costs.

Potential outcomes include:

  • Retention with ongoing premiums
  • Retention with no premiums and/or other modifications
  • Replacement with a life insurance policy
  • Replacement with an annuity
  • Life settlement
  • Surrender

Designing and evaluating new permanent life insurance policies.

Evaluations include:

  • Commission minimization/elimination
  • Maximizing value through actuarial design with respect to definition of life insurance death benefit patterns, and other creative techniques
  • Review of premium financing proposals
  • Company, product, and policy recommendations

Evaluating existing annuities

Evaluations consider expected longevity and financial goals of the annuitant.

Potential outcomes include:

  • Triggering guaranteed income riders
  • Dropping guaranteed income riders
  • Considering alternative investment choices
  • Replacement
  • Surrender

Assessing long-term care insurance policies/needs

Assist clients in determining if long-term care insurance is needed. If so, evaluate if a standalone policy, hybrid policy, or long-term care rider makes the most sense for their situation.

Appraising existing life insurance policies

Appraisals available for charitable deductions, gift tax returns, and transfers for value.