I am a frequent presenter on life insurance, annuities and other related topics, both in person and virtually.

Organizations that have engaged me include National Association of Personal Financial Advisors (NAPFA), Financial Planning Association (FPA), and several Estate Planning Council and state Bar Association chapters.

I have also spoken at national, regional and local chapter conferences, symposiums and study groups, as well as in-house educational sessions at law and financial planning firms.

Presentation topics have included:

  • Solving Life Insurance Mysteries to Benefit Your Client
  • Risk Management: The Role and Optimization of Insurance & Annuities
  • The Evaluation of Permanent Life Insurance Policies
  • Getting the Most Out of Permanent Life Insurance for Your Clients
  • Making Optimal Decisions Regarding Life Insurance
  • Actuarial Perspectives on Life Insurance, Annuities, and LTC Insurance
  • Actuarial Insights from a Fee-Only Insurance Advisor
  • Increasing Client Value Through the Use of a Fee-Only Insurance Advisor
  • The Changing Face of Life Insurance (Panel Discussion)
  • Looking Under the Hood: Understanding Product Design, Compensation, Pricing, and Inforce Management Issues That Help You Help Your Clients
  • Life Settlements Everywhere I Go: The Ins and Outs that Need to Be Considered Before Getting Involved As an Investor or Seller
  • Annuities: Immediate Fixed Annuities vs Variable Annuities with Living Benefit Riders

Please visit our contact page to request a member of the firm as a presenter at educational and institutional events.